We rounded up a few opinions on sex moves from real men around the web to give you a naughty idea or two for tonight.

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If you automatically roll your eyes when you see yet another headline with the words *creative sex positions,* we bet you’ve never tried these.

Sometimes I like to finish early, sometimes last longer sex. My beau is very learned n creative. He knows a lot of these tricks. It works with us.

See the 7 moves that will boost your sex life depending on your favorite basic sex position.

Are you tired of the standard ‘guy on top, teen on bottom’ style of sex act? These creative sex moves will put a new twist on the missionary style.

You’re never too old to learn new tricks. Get cozy as we take you through different sex positions and tips, from the Tantric Yab-Yum position to the “heels to the sky

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Below, we asked six real women for their favorite sex moves, then consulted sex experts for their tips on how to upgrade your own go-to moves so they feel new and

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12 Dirty Moves to Try Tonight. Almost all men dig a little dirty between the sheets. So these 12 taboo moves should really drive him loco with lust.

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