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At no other time in life is nutrition as important as before, during, and following pregnancy. Read here for straightforward advice on eating for two.

Learn about how to stay fit during pregnancy, including simple yoga moves, safe walking tips, and more. Find out everything you need to know about pregnancy and

Pregnancy is much more than a mere physical condition; it encompasses a woman’s mind and spirit, too. Balancing the highs and lows that accompany these drastic and

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Feb 07, 2014 · Walking or jogging on a treadmill is an effective cardiovascular exercise for anyone — even pregnant women. It helps strengthen your lungs and heart,

Continued The Novice: Walking and Water Spell R-E-L-I-E-F “Only 20% to 30% of the population exercises on a regular basis, so the typical pregnant woman hasn’t

Pregnancy, also known as gestation, is the time during which one or more offspring develops inside a woman. A multiple pregnancy involves more than one offspring

Especially during the first three months of your pregnancy, be particuarly careful about using any alcohol, drugs or medications.

Feb 09, 2017 · Other Ab Exercises That Are Generally Safe. Before beginning any exercise program (especially if you’re pregnant), always consult with your physician.

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These few basic exercises will help increase your strength and flexibility.

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